FME Server Home

Welcome to the FME Server Support Area. To help you find your way around, we have split the FME Server support material by role:

Administrator Area

If you are responsible for installing, configuring and monitoring FME Server then check out the FME Server Administrator Area.

Developer Area

If you are interesting in building custom web applications or developing against one of our API's then check out the FME Server Developer Area.

Server Authoring Area

If you have been tasked with authoring workspaces specfic for FME Server then the FME Server Author area is for you.

Top FME Server Home Samples & Demos


  • FME Server Data Download Demo

  • INSPIRE Geographic Names Demo

  • Data Upload, Validation, and Real-time Display

  • INSPIRE Geographic Names Demo (FME 2011 to 2013 only)

  • Data Distribution with Web Maps

  • Single edits Oracle: Push data from the database to an application in real-time

  • Easy Translator using FME Server

  • Simple Tracker demo for FME Mobile Apps

  • Receiving, inspecting and processing notification messages