The demo is designed for developers who want to see how to create an example which ties together the data download service and Bing Maps. It is designed with the developer in mind, with emphasis on minimal clear code rather than aesthetics. No JavaScript framework is used in the creation of the demo, it is all written in HTML/CSS/JavaScript. For a more polished example using the ExtJs framework see here.
Run it Live

User-added image

The example has several notable features:
  • The form allowing the user to set the published parameters is dynamically generated using the REST API. If any of the parameters are updated in the workspace then the changes will be reflected in the code automatically.
  • The Bing Maps drawing code allows the users to draw a polygon of their AOI, the application passes the polygon back to FME Server and the data is clipped to the exact shape.
  • When selecting parameters the request which is to be sent to FME Server is displayed in the bottom panel.
The workspace used in this example allows the end user to control the following published parameters:
  • Coordinate System
  • Geographic Extent
  • Format
  • Layers
The workspace and all of the code is attached. You can also view the source of the live example.