Run FME Server Playground

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Previously when working with FME Server web developers could interact directly with the FME Server services through HTTP requests. This limited you to running workspaces and uploading data to be used within translations. However, as a web developer you often want to build dynamic interfaces which are data driven, the old way of doing things provided no way for you to do this. Enter the REST API new in FME Server 2011.


The FME Server REST API provides a simple, open Web interface to services hosted by FME Server, enabling you to do anything from run a workspace to cancel a running job. All of the resources and operations exposed by the REST API are accessible through a hierarchy of URI’s.

By giving you the power to access this information via straightforward URL requests, you can build dynamic, easy maintainable, highly customizable web applications. This URL-driven approach also makes integrating the power of FME Server with ArcGIS Server, Google Maps, Bing Maps, OpenLayers, and other web API’s fast, secure, and seamless.

To lower the barriers of integrating with FME Server, we have created the FME Server Playground. The aim of the Playground is to give you a series of examples which you can interact with and then copy the code for use in your own application. We are constantly adding new examples so keep checking back.